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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

Max Bandwidth Available From PCIE for GPUs
What is really Bottlenecking your Graphics Card?

Steve Smith explains why the amount of bandwidth available from the PCIE Serial bus, is not the source of the infamous bottlenecking in games we all loathe.

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Questions I Get Asked Often # 1
Answers to Questions Already Answered

Steve Smith answers frequently asked questions in this episode related to the mainboard, devices onboard, and other devices that connect to it.

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RoboForm Everywhere Review
Helping You Be Safer Online with Multiple Strong and Random Passwords.

Steve Smith reviews RoboForm Everywhere, by Siber Systems, Inc. The positives, the negatives, and the many cool time saving features.

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VRAM versus DRAM
What is the difference between the RAM on your mainboard, and that in your graphics card?

Steve Smith talks about the differences between the RAM on your graphics card, and your mainboard.

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The File Synchronization Dilemma
Making File Synchronization Easier to Implement

Steve Smith explains how to implement several possible file synchronization paradigms, to make the processor easier and more logical. Included are file backup methodologies to prevent file loss.

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