RoboForm Everywhere Review

Helping You Be Safer Online with Multiple Strong and Random Passwords.

Steve Smith reviews RoboForm Everywhere, by Siber Systems, Inc. The positives, the negatives, and the many cool time saving features.

Episode #5-28 released on April 3, 2015

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I normally answer questions, but I decided to do something different. This week, I will review RoboForm Everywhere, by Siber Systems, Inc. Here is a question for you, do you have trouble remembering your passwords?

Let us start off by saying, this program will allow you to save time filling out forms, and help you keep track of all your passwords. This program is designed to solve a few issues in that respect.

The important aspect of such a program is having completely random password generator, of which I absolutely love their password generator. It allows for a lot of customization, important for the many web-sites with varying password rules. You can create a few, select the one you want, and use that one.

RoboForm, also, has identities, which is useful. You fill out the forms in the program once. You can then automatically fill in forms, which allows RoboForm to, also, later, save the account information for future access. The identities portion of the program allows you to fill in personal, business, passport, address, credit card, bank account, car, and favourite authentication information. You can even add custom sections, as well.

Clicking into the login section allows you to see every web-site you have ever saved to RoboForm Everywhere. You can clone accounts, you can protect, unprotect, edit account information, delete sites you no longer use, or just accounts to web-sites you don't use.

You can, also, store application passwords, and keep notes safe from prying eyes.

Now, there are applications made available for Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Now, my only issues with the program is the fact that it allows for favourite passwords, allows people to store credit card information, bank account, and passport information.

Now, you can try this program for free for thirty days, and it is currently $9.95 for the first year. No, this is not a publicity for them. In fact, I am doing this review because my one drive for those who watch my show is to find them the tools they can use to better their life.

For those worried about security, they almost claim that they use military grade AES 256 encryption, with the option to use multi factor authentication, as well.

RoboForm Everywhere, unlike some of their other services, can be used by a single user of a number of computers and mobile devices.

And, for anyone curious, you can use their convenient start page to access your most accessed web-sites.

Now, many of you know I personally use LastPass, and I'd personally love access to all my passwords everywhere, something LastPass does not do unless we use the premium version. Which happens to be two dollars more for the first year, than RoboForm, for the same price. Both offer multi factor authentication, and both are extremely easy to use.

Either way, if you are a LastPass user, I challenge you to try RoboForm Everywhere and tell me what you thought. And, for those wondering, will I leave this program installed and continue using it? For now, the answer is absolutely. I will continue to use both my LastPass and RoboForm Everywhere, because RoboForm is, also, capable of saving passwords and usernames of accounts I access frequently, passwords I currently store in LastPass, so think of it as a friction free way of moving from one service to another.

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