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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

The Cost of Upgrading your PC with Blu-Ray
The True cost of adding Blu-Ray support to your computer

Steve Smith explains why adding a Blu-Ray drive to your computer will not automatically mean you can play Blu-Ray discs, and how much you can expect to spend on your computer to make it happen.

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How-To Upgrade a Router with a Switch
An explanation into how to augment the number of Ethernet connections with an Ethernet switch.

Steve Smith explains why stationary devices should be connected with Ethernet, the impacts this will have on their own speed and fidelity, which will reduce interference and crosstalk over your own wireless network. As a bonus, he, also, explains how to augment the number of available Ethernet connections using a proper Ethernet switch.

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Privacy, Piracy, and Personal Treason
A Thought Provoking Fact of Life

Steve Smith talks about Privacy, Piracy, acts of Personal Treason, and how the world needs to replace the old guard with those who understand the facts of life today.

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My computer mouse is dead, why?
Human Biology Versus Computer Mouse

Steve Smith explains why you are usually to blame for your dead computer mouse.

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Choosing Your Keyboard
A How-to for choosing your future keyboard

Steve Smith explains why the type of switch, layout, comfort, feature sets, and the longevity of the keyboard matter when deciding on your next keyboard.

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