Privacy, Piracy, and Personal Treason

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Steve Smith talks about Privacy, Piracy, acts of Personal Treason, and how the world needs to replace the old guard with those who understand the facts of life today.

Episode #5-33 released on May 6, 2015

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In Today's modern world, we have access to the Internet, and billions of Terabytes of information being generated every single month. We communicate with loved ones, with other people around the world, and some of us produce content for others to enjoy and learn form. The truth is, we lived in a walled garden, and no matter how much happens, we still live in a walled garden. Only now, we have ladders that allow us to see all the other gardens around us. We live in a day of want, where our want of information, conforms to our ideals of need. We want, therefore, we need.

This, however, does not jive with many governments, justice departments, and the multiple levels of police and crime investigation. Furthermore, this walled garden state is, also, maintained by the many Entertainment Companies, who continue to be led by the old guard. And, while, many of the old guard won't like hearing this, you are obsolete, discontinued, condemned to disappear.

So what is my point, and I have three. We have three ungodly terms that need to change, and be redefined.

Privacy, a fundamental human need. We have the expectation of privacy, and it is a human need. It is a requirement for everyone to function normally, and without it, we are nothing. However, in the name of some of the worst crimes imaginable, government police agents, and other police divisions attempt to coherence the government to rid of people's fundamental right to privacy. They do this every time by saying they want to protect the kids from pedophiles, that they are doing it to protect people from terrorists, even that they need to access all information to capture the criminals. The thing is, this is all hype. We all know that pedophiles, terrorists, and other serious criminals exist, my issue, as well as others, is the fact that we are all treated as criminals without a trial. Our privacy removed by the false sense of security by a bunch of overreaching government agents who wish to do whatever they want, in the name of justice, which is now tarnished by what I call, an act of Treason.

Many countries have similar laws to the United States, where we all have the right to privacy, and the freedom to say whatever we want, to practice any religion we want, to be in any group we want, without fear of torture, and prosecution. However, this has repeatedly happen, over and over. And, worst, if it wasn't for a few people, and some other notable groups, we would still be under the shadow of such massive privacy violations. However, even after these government agencies have been caught red handed, they continue to state that is it necessary without a single shred of evidence, and they expect the people to just accept that.

Well we all know what is happening now. Big companies, with hands forced, are now giving their clients, us, devices with better, unbreakable, and backdoorless encryption. Companies are making devices that they can no longer unlock for government agencies, even when served with court orders to do so.

Because of devices that have no back door, and because of companies purposely making such devices, various agencies have gotten pissed. They come into courts, attempting to render illegal such devices by crying wolf, and every single time we need to tell them to follow the law and the constitution. Obviously, these organizations will prey on the weak minded screaming buzz words meant to instill fear into our hearts, but no more do we accept this. We have grown accustom to being bombarded with the possibilities of criminals, and their activities, but the large majority of people have been caught in the cross fire, all because of these so called legal entities.

Let's talk about another topic, and I will show you how I can link them together. Piracy. It usually occurs because we don't have an easy way of accessing the content we want, when we want. Why? Because of the old school walled garden. While, this was fine 50 years ago, when we could not see what other countries had, and therefore wanted none of what they had, we live in a global village. We can see without much effort what happens in other countries, and when we want something, many will just go and get it. The issue is companies trying to enforce this old regime, without any concern or cooperation what so ever. They blame the people for their so called lower bottom line, which we all know is a farce. If one cannot have access to the content, you never stood a chance to make a cent in the first place. They should then have no legal argument about the potential profit loss, because they was never any profit to be made. Why? The old school walled garden.

Companies that want to make profits, like the legal entities attempting to instill fear within us, should have learned a while ago, there is always a way around every iron gate that is put in front of us. There is, always, a way. Until the large media companies give us what we want, there will always be a constant battle against so called piracy.

And, the solution. It's complicated, at least for the old guard to wrap their mind around. The Internet has made the world a single entity, and it has to be treated as such. Humankind is universally affected by the civil rights violations of any single country. It is certainly true, that the violation of privacy or the limitation to content and information, is an infraction against the entire whole. To remove stories from someone, is to remove life lessons. To prevent people from communicating, even if you do not block them from doing so, by recording them only, and having them censor themselves, to limit their point of view, in favor of so called freedom, is one of the most severe immoral acts one can take, one that should be considered an act of treason.

To fix the Internet, we need to allow people, us, the right to privacy, while allowing everyone access to all information, and content, anytime. Doing so will reduce the friction of getting the content we want, and lowering piracy in the process.

Now, I want to know what you think of all this when it comes to your privacy, your access to information, and what constitutes an act of Treason. If you have any other sources or examples, please forward them to me, and I will add them to the show notes. Information is power, let us take back our power, and force law enforcement agencies to finally follow the law to the letter.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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