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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 5

The Maximum Length of Cables You Use
The maximum length of standard cables used in your home every day, regardless of quality or shielding.

Steve Smith talks about the maximum length of cables of every day cables in your home.

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Image Tearing
Eliminating screen tearing in games and applications

Steve Smith talks screen tearing of game play images, the causes and solutions.

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The Truth behind Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks

Steve Smith talks about DDOS, how it can be done, why anyone can do it, why it can occur, and why it happens, sometimes, by accident.

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File Recovery and Total Destruction of Data
How to recover files, partitions, and how to make them disappear

Steve Smith suggests software that can recover files, partitions, and even how to make them disappear.

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PCIE Lanes
How does the available PCIE Lanes in my processor affect my ability to SLI or Crossfire?

Steve Smith talks about PCIE lanes, and why knowing what you need may prevent issues with bandwidth on your new mainboard.

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