File Recovery and Total Destruction of Data

How to recover files, partitions, and how to make them disappear

Steve Smith suggests software that can recover files, partitions, and even how to make them disappear.

Episode #5-17 released on January 15, 2015

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If you have used a computer long enough, you have done some really stupid things by accident. Deleting files, partitions, and even accidentally format a flash drive. Today, I talk about three programs that will save your buttocks the next time you, OOPS!

The most common accident is file deletion, everybody does it. Windows even has a recycling bin, just in case. However, there are ways of by passing this most convenient of processes, and power users will shift-delete files, bypassing the recycling bin, altogether. But, nothing is truly deleted.

The best, and fastest tool I have used for partition recovery is the software application called MiniTool Partition Recovery. While other applications can do a good job, this was the fastest tool I have ever used. Less than 5 minutes and I can preview the file structure to make sure I have the right one.

To recover individually deleted files from computer hard drives, and flash drives, you need to use a different application. I use Pandora Recovery to recover files. If you ever delete a file, stop what you are doing, and run this, and make sure to recover the file to another drive to avoid possible issues. If you recover to the same drive, then you overwrite other files.

If you absolutely need to delete something, there are other ways of making that happen. You can use File Shedder to permanently delete files so they can't be recovered. Got a photo you want to get rid of, use File Shedder.

If you want to blank a hard drive or flash drive to give to someone else, what you need is DBAN. Like File Shedder, it will make things unrecoverable. This tool claims to even be able to securely wipe an SSD, which is great because write leveling usually makes it next to impossible to achieve.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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