Firefox and MITM, Apple Sapphire and NFC, Bloatware Removal, and BSOD

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Learn how Firefox 32 protects users, Apple makes better Screen and rids of need for credit cards, learn how to remove bloatware, and learn who wrote the original BSOD message.

Episode #5-01 released on September 11, 2014

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This is the first episode of season 5, of TQA Weekly, and last week we did our first 5 topic rapid fire episode, which is what I am looking to do for at least half of this seasons episodes.

First topic of the day, Firefox, is the first to address the man in the middle issue that can potentially plague the internet. For those who do not know about the man in the middle attack, it occurs anytime someone intercepts and redirects traffic. Firefox Version 32 addresses this vulnerability by allowing you to record the correct host cryptographic identity for a given period of time. Whenever the identity does not match, the browser will refrain from showing you the lock item, being a dead give away you aren't safe.

Second topic of the day, and one at the heart of many I know, Apple patents a way to make Sapphire screens stronger, more scratch resistant and more flexible, through the process of ION implanting. According to sources, doing so allows Apple to tint various parts of the screen allowing specific areas of the screen to be more resistant to cracking based on the normal ways we commonly crack our screens, normally by dropping the phone or tablet on the corners.

Third topic, and about Apple again, apparently the next iPhone will have the ability to handle our payments at payment terminals, ridding us of the need of bringing our credit card all over the place. Many Asian markets are said to have similar technology to handle payments and having this kind of technology would prove useful in many situations. Also, because Apple would be doing this, and having such a large market, it would finally give enough incentive to all companies, at least here in North America, to actually offer this form of payment acceptance, and hence actually allow for more clients to come to their stores.

Fourth topic, the application Should I Remove It? allows you to figure out which applications in your computer is worth removing and is absolutely free, so if ever you buy a new computer and want to remove all the bloatware that comes with it, this is a neat way of removing all the unwanted applications in your computer.

And, final topic of the day, The Blue Screen of Death. Part of Windows since Windows 3.1 days, this blue screen error message known as the BSOD screen was originally by the former CEO, Steve Ballmer. I am sure you didn't know that. At one point Steve Ballmer, in charge of Systems Devision, came in to see the progress and look of the screen, and admittedly the original message was fine, but he decided to write it his way, and it turns out it was better, and it remained in Windows for many years. Just another fun fact about Windows and its History.

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