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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 3

Windows Backup Service and Upgrading
Learn how to make a Windows Vista or 7 system image, before you upgrade.

Steve Smith demonstrates how to create a Windows Vista or 7 system image before you upgrade to Windows 8.

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Connecting to a NAS Drive in Ubuntu 12.10
Mounting the NAS Drive Made Easier

Steve Smith demonstrates how to mount a NAS drive in Ubuntu 12.10, and create a bookmark to automount the NAS drive in the future should the need for future access arise.

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Universal Plug and Pray

Steve Smith talks about UPNP, what it does, how it works, and why it is bad news.

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Welcome to Ubuntu 12.10
Learn about 5 new features available in the latest version of Ubuntu.

Steve Smith shows off the new Ubuntu 12.10 operating system.

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Learn about your wireless security options, and how to better protected your wireless networks.

Steve Smith explains the difference between WEP, and WPA wireless security. Also, goes indepth into AES, TKIP, RC4, symmetric key algorithms, and their weaknesses.

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