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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 3

Heat Pipe
Thermal cooling through the use of phase changes in liquids

Steve Smith talks about the heat pipe, and how it works using thermal conductivity and phase changes.

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Byte Range Requests
Jumping from one section of a file to another without buffering whole files.

Steve Smith explains what Byte Range Requests, or Partial Content Requests, are and how they better the internet.

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Can I Plug that in any PCIE slot?
Learn how PCIE can better your experience

Steve Smith answers the question on PCIE slots, and what you can do with most PCIE slots in your computer.

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Bigger is Better
Why bigger fans are better for your computer, and how to use them.

Steve Smith discusses the benefits on having bigger fans for airflow, and how to correctly install, and purchase new fans for your computer.

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Content Delivery Networks
Better, Faster, Safer and More Reliable Internet Experiences

Steve Smith talks about Content Delivery Networks, how they speed up your experience on various web-sites, make connections more reliable, and how it makes the web-site safer.

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