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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 3

RAM Goes Bad
A major cause of Blue Screens of Death revealed.

Steve Smith explains why you may be having the BSOD, and how your RAM may play an important role in this failure.

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Why Hard Drives Fail
Should you change your hard drives more often and make backups?

Steve Smith takes you on a guide tour of a hard drive, and explains why it may fail, and how it may fail in the near future.

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Ram and Multiple Clock Speeds
Why you can mix and match Ram with different clock speeds

Steve Smith explains why you can mix and match Ram with different clock speeds, and why you may not want to.

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Virtual Memory and SSDs
An explanation into why virtual memory may be harmful to a SSD drive

Steve Smith explains why you should not have virtual memory enabled on your SSD drives.

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Bluetooth and Proximity Detection
Automatically logging out your Windows session using bluetooth proximity detection

Steve Smith how to use Bluetooth's range as a form of proximity detection to allow you to log out your computer whenever you are too far away from it, along side with a neat application called BTProximity designed by Dave Amenta.

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