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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 3

Wired Versus Wireless
Full Duplex Connections Versus Imitators

Steve Smith explains which is faster, wired or wireless connections, and why.

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The Packet
The Internet's Postal Service

Steve Smith talks the internet's postal service, the packet, and how it is used to transmit data all over the internet.

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Searching With Images
How-to search the internet using images instead of keywords.

Steve Smith demonstrates how to search the internet with images, instead of keys, and answers such important questions such as who is she, and what is that?

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Do Not Track
The browser header meant to tell advertisers you do not want to be tracked, anymore.

Steve Smith talks about Do Not Track headers, and the many issues and problems with this latest header request.

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Auto Upload Photo
Tips regarding privacy violating and potentially dangerous or illegal accidents with auto uploading mobile applications.

Steve Smith talks about the auto upload feature, what it means for you, how it could be used against you, and cause you legal troubles down the line.

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