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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 3

Sanitize Your Photos
Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and more by learning about EXIF and why you should be sanitizing before uploading.

Steve Smith talks about the implications of posting pictures with unsanitized EXIF meta data.

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Privacy and Access By Proxy
Learn about three services that allow for privacy and access using a web based browser proxy.

Steve Smith talks about web based browser proxies, the benefits, risks, and usage scenarios.

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The Many Issues With NFC
Security Vulnerabilities and Illicit Issues with NFC

Steve Smith talks about Near Field Communication, and the numerous issues with the technology in card based and hardware based applications.

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The Login Process
All About Logging Into Web-sites to Unique Usernames, Protected Passwords and Proving Ownership

Steve Smith talks about the entire process of logging into any web-site and how complicated it can truly be to code for.

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Searching the Internet, Anonymously!
Three search engines that allow you to search the web, anonymously.

Steve Smith talks about online search engines that maintain your anonymity online while your search for results.

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