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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 3

Completely Erased
How to completely and securely format a hard drive with DBAN

Steve Smith explains how to use DBAN to get rid of virus infections, or to securely wipe a hard drive clean before disposing of a computer.

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Using a computer, and accessing the Internet, Anonymously!

Steve Smith talks about Tails, the process of obtaining this anonymous operating system, and how to use it correctly online to avoid detection.

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The Issue with Ram and 32-Bit
An explanation to why you can't add more than 4GB of Ram to a 32-Bit System or Operating System

Steve Smith explains why you can't use more than 4GB in 32-Bit systems.

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Wireless Channels and Dealing with Signal Interference
Selecting WLAN Channels in 2.4GHZ Spectrum based on common default channels, and interference patterns cause by signal width

Steve Smith talks about WLAN channels, channel width, signal width, and how to determine which channel is best based on known channel defaults.

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Another choice of domain name server

Steve Smith talks about OpenDNS, and why this should be considered by you, as an optional replacement of DNS service, other than your router and ISP's DNS.

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