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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 3

Disposable E-mail Addresses
Using the internet more securely and privately with disposable email addresses.

Steve Smith discusses the benefits of using disposable e-mail addresses when explicitly wanting to protect one's identity online, or in any other compromising situations.

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Ubuntu on a Pen Drive
Booting to Linux From A USB Drive

Steve Smith demonstrates how to create a boot-able USB Linux drive and installer using Pen Drive Linux's Universal USB Installer.

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Creating A Hidden Encrypted Parition
Ensuring the secrecy of your most sensitive files and documents from prying eyes.

Steve Smith demonstrates the process of creating your own encrypted and hidden partition that is only view-able once mounted.

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Ubuntu 13.04
A First Look at Canonical's Latest Version of Ubuntu

Steve Smith takes a first look into several of the new introduced, and updated features of the latest version of Ubuntu 13.04.

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Twisted Pair
Reducing Electromagnetic Interference In Everyday Communications

Steve Smith talks about the invention of the Twisted Pair, invented by Alexander Graham Bell, and how it made it possible for interference free communicating.

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