Bluetooth and Proximity Detection

Automatically logging out your Windows session using bluetooth proximity detection

Steve Smith how to use Bluetooth's range as a form of proximity detection to allow you to log out your computer whenever you are too far away from it, along side with a neat application called BTProximity designed by Dave Amenta.

Episode #3-16 released on January 13, 2013

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Let's talk about a possible scenario, your computer could be accessed by anyone who is physically in the same room, as your computer. If you are in the room, no issues, you can monitor what happens, but what happens when, for example, you take your dog out for a walk?

You could always click on the windows key and L at the same time to lock the session, but you don't always remember to do this. Is there a way to guarantee the computer screen locks every time you are are significantly away from the computer?

Yes, there is a solution and the catch is that you need a Bluetooth receiver, the BTProximity software for Windows Vista or 7, and a Bluetooth device, such as your cellphone, that you always keep on your person.

A Bluetooth receiver can be approximately $15 dollars from your local store, don't buy anything with a really long range, otherwise this software solution will not work for you. I'm using an IOGear BT Receiver supporting Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. The range is about 10 meters, or 30 feet for those using imperial mathematics.

If you haven't done so yet, visit last weeks episode of TQA Weekly on Bluetooth for driver info and possible solutions to issues caused by Bluetooth and its positioning.

You'll have to go get the BTProximity software from Dave Menta's web-site, link down below on Youtube, or at, and install it.

Once installed you need to pair your selected device with your computer. Then, select the device by clicking select beside device address, under Bluetooth Mobile Device in the BTProximity software. You may set the ping rate, response rate, and error rate before the computer is logged off. You may, also, opt for sleep or hibernation to occur whenever your device is out of range. You may, also, allow for fast unlocking whenever you return within range.

Note: Setting the ping rate to occur more often will significantly reduce the battery life of your device, but setting it too long may allow a person to turn off the software before the program's actions taken effect, so set the program ping rate at your own risk, and discretion.

Next week, I'll be talking about SSD drives, virtual memory, and how to set up your computer correctly when using SSD drives to limit the effects of wear of your brand new SSD drive and talk about my experience using such a drive in my own setups.

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