Connecting to a NAS Drive in Ubuntu 12.10

Mounting the NAS Drive Made Easier

Steve Smith demonstrates how to mount a NAS drive in Ubuntu 12.10, and create a bookmark to automount the NAS drive in the future should the need for future access arise.

Episode #3-09 released on November 11, 2012

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A simple fact of life these days includes the realization that we need the internet to be able to communicate with others, computers to allow for the transfer of communications, letters, emails, files, music and movies, that we need storage to be able to store everything we hold dear.

Today, I will solve an issue for some users, the extending of storage of multiple computers without the use of a single shared folder on any computer, but through the user of a network attached storage device, like the D-Link DNS-325.

I choose the D-Link line of Network Attached Storage devices because I use a D-Link Dir-655 router, and using devices from the same company ensures maximum compatibility, and because on the box it indicates compatibility with Windows, Linux and Macs. This means that you can share files regardless of operating system, the entire point of this demonstration.

To mount a NAS drive in Ubuntu 12.10, open the Home Folder, under network, select browse network, select your NAS drive, and then the folder you wish to mount by right clicking your mouse, and selecting mount. This is only temporary, to make it a little more permanent, right click the mounted drive, and create bookmark. You can rename the bookmark to what you want so you remember which folder is mounted. Next time you turn on your computer, selecting the bookmark will auto-mount the NAS drive, and bring you to the folder you want mounted.

Next week, I'll talk about Windows and it's backup service, more notably, the Windows 7 and Vista version, since these are currently the latest common versions of Windows in use, a little later on, we'll dive into Windows 8.

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