Windows Backup Service and Upgrading

Learn how to make a Windows Vista or 7 system image, before you upgrade.

Steve Smith demonstrates how to create a Windows Vista or 7 system image before you upgrade to Windows 8.

Episode #3-10 released on November 18, 2012

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Let's face it, you probably don't make backups of your documents, and you will probably only start once something bad happens, even if the latest versions of Windows make it incredibly easy to make backups without thinking about it. And, knowing you won't make backups won't stop myself and others from telling you, you should do them.

Well I have worked on a real world example of which you should be considering the use of a backup, and it involves upgrading your current version of Windows.

Whether your are in Windows XP, Vista or 7, you may be interested in updating your current version of Windows to Windows 8. Now, with Windows XP, you have to backup all your documents, but Windows Vista and 7, both have backup utilities you may want to consider using for just this purpose.

How about we examine a possible update procedure for anyone who may not like change, or fear their software may not be currently be compatible. First, if your using Windows Vista or 7, create a backup using the Windows Utility, create the recovery disc, then get the Windows 8 upgrade disc.

How do we create a backup in Windows Vista and 7?

Head over to the control panel, under system and settings, click on back up your computer. In the left, you will find an option called create system image, click that, and save to either an external hard drive, CD/DVD, or available in Windows 7 only, network drive. You must create a system repair disc to use the system image for our process, if you choose to revert back to your former operating system.

Once you are finished making your backup, insert your new windows into your computer, and start installing.

Next week, learn how to make your home office, a greener, more ecologically friendly place.

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