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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 10

Can I have two routers in the same network?
Do you need two routers, or does a network switch work, too?

Learn how to extend your network using either a second router or a network switch.

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Which is worse, Underpowered or Overpowered Power Supplies?
The worst thing a computer can have is an underperforming power supply

Learn why an underpowered power supply is worse than an overpowered one and how it can damage your computer.

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Should You Block Your Camera on Your Phone and Computer?
Learn why placing tape over your cameras might be a good idea

An explanation into issues with software, hardware and why placing tape or covering cameras on computers and mobile devices may be a good idea.

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Your Internet Connection is Fast, But Web-sites load slowly, why?
How a slow endpoint can slow every website down

Learn why a fast internet connection still has to contend with slow responding websites

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How-to Fix Your Computer During Lockdowns
The process of fixing your computer during a lockdown

Learn about a way to get your Windows computer fixed during the lockdown.

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