How-to Fix Your Computer During Lockdowns

The process of fixing your computer during a lockdown

Learn about a way to get your Windows computer fixed during the lockdown.

Episode #10-36 released on April 19, 2020

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In these trying times, there is something that still needs repairing, and that is your computer. Many countries are on lockdown and many people will experience issues with their computers. Provided the problem isn't related to hardware or software issues preventing your Windows operating system from booting, there is a solution that can be used in most cases, your mileage may vary.

You will need an application that both the problem computer and knowledgeable computer repair person can use. I personally use TeamViewer. Remember, there are limitations that can arise from this process, and you will have to be present while the other person repairs your computer remotely. Remember, because this is remote, anything to do with hardware that cannot be dealt with in software, cannot be directly impacted or repaired, for those, you are on your own.

Once, the application is installed, like I said, I prefer TeamViewer, you will provide access remotely to the person who will fix your computer. If you are the computer technician, you will request access. Granting full access means the computer can be repaired more easily with minimal assistance from the computer's user. The process of fixing the computer may take minutes or hours, it really does depend on the situation. Because the process is a form of streaming, it is, also, possible to consume more Internet Bandwidth than usual.

What are you to expect when getting your computer repair remotely?

Expect longer than usual repair times. Because everything is being done remotely, it requires more time to do anything on your computer. Expect to be more proactive than on-location repairs. Remember, using the phone to communicate while having computer access will allow you to ask questions and receive instructions. It is possible that certain tasks require input from your side. Also, remember, that if your access to the Internet is slower than most, or if the person repairing your computer has a slow Internet connection, that it will take longer to do anything.

Are there any suggestions?

In the majority of cases, you can simply rollback your Windows operating system to a date where it worked. Hold down shift while using the mouse to select restart. Follow the instructions provided to rollback Windows from that point on. If that doesn't work, then use remote repair option before trying to bring your computer in for repair. And, if you do bring your computer in for repair, clean everything on the outside using a cloth that is barely wet using a sanitizer like alcohol. Do not use Purell or similar products on your computer.

And remember to stay safe and indoors.

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