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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 10

500th Episode - Three Stories From A Computer Store
Three Times I Either Laughed or Was Disgusted

I tell three real stories that happened at the computer store I used to work at.

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3 Things That Will Reduce Computer Longevity
What Water, Lack of Thermal Paste and Less Than Ideal Power Input Can Cause As Problems

Learn why water is bad for your system, why thermal paste is important and why a surge bar may not be enough.

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You Should Wear a Mask because of Government Face Tracking
Facial Recognition Is Flawed And Yet Remains Deployed!

Imagine yourself becoming a victim to flawed facial recognition and becoming a suspect to a crime you did not commit, were not in the vicinity of, and could not prove otherwise.

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What Are The Worse Places To Install Your Wi-Fi Router?
Three Common Household Issues That are Affecting Your Wi-Fi Signal

Learn about the shape of Wi-Fi Signals, Signal Congestion and Electrical Interference.

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Uninformed Companies Block Password Pasting, Why?
Companies Cripple User-Interface by Blocking Paste for Passwords

Learn about a disturbing new trend that is crippling user-interfaces and endangering users by preventing password pasting.

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