What Are The Worse Places To Install Your Wi-Fi Router?

Three Common Household Issues That are Affecting Your Wi-Fi Signal

Learn about the shape of Wi-Fi Signals, Signal Congestion and Electrical Interference.

Episode #10-47 released on July 12, 2020

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Wi-Fi connectivity is an ongoing issue for many people with many causes. Today, learn how to get the most out of your Wi-Fi by having it installed, or installing your router in the best places in your home, possible. And, while I am aware many companies may claim they have a set way of doing things, remember this, your home, your rules.

The first thing you need to remember is how your basic router works, the signal is likely to be spherical in shape, so placing it at the furthest point from where you are most likely to want to use it will cause more issues. While it may seem practical to place it in a particular location, placing it where you will maximize your connectivity is a better idea, so the middle most location is the ideal place.

The second issue is signal congestion, the more common a signal is in your environment, the more congestion there will be. The 2.4GHZ signal is so commonly used that many devices interfere and interact with each other in ways that negatively impact connectivity. This means that cordless phones, microwaves, other wireless devices, other Wi-Fi networks can hinder your connectivity, and your Wi-Fi can interfere with others, too. Solutions to those issues include using a channel with fewer overlapping signals, placing it away from other devices using 2.4GHZ, or other saturated signal bands.

The third issue, and most common issue for many, is electromagnetic interference, especially in houses. The issue arises from being installed too close to transformers, breaker boxes and electrical power lines. This is when you tell, not ask, tell the technician installing your modem and Wi-Fi router not to install it anywhere near the breaker box, transformer, or power lines, and in the middle most area of the home. It may cause extra work for them, cost more in cable, but you will not be calling back later for issues related to connectivity.

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