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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 10

Use Less Electricity With This Simple Gadget!
Reducing the Amount of Electricity Used by Your Home

An Explanation of what Vampire Load is in relationship to your home's power usage and how it can be avoided reducing your electric bill, requiring less power from solar when available and prolonging the duration of power from a home battery pack.

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Why Did My Computer Have A Blue Screen of Death?!
Learn How-To Fix a Blue Screen of death by figuring out what question to ask.

Your computer crashed and the blue screen of death appeared, you didnít have time to see the message, now what?

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Do You Need 3rd Party Antivirus and Firewall Software? No?
Windows Already Has A Firewall and Antivirus!

Learn why you don't need another Antivirus and Firewall!

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Adobe Creative Cloud Epic Fail Remedy
How-to Use Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner

Learn how to remove Adobe Creative Cloud to fix their update error, without letting a single person remotely access your computer, with an Adobe created software removal tool.

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Do You Really Need To Buy Expensive Ink Cartridges? No?!
You won't believe how high the potential markup on Printer Ink is!

Learn about printer ink, what it contains, why printers are inexpensive, and the massive markup in prices for ink.

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