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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 10

How Great Encryption Protects the Children and Your Privacy
Encryption is Math! An Insecure Equation Exposes Everyone to Danger Online!

An explanation into the possible consequences of a world without proper and safe encryption and security methodology.

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Why HTTPS, Point to Point Encryption and Data Security are Essential!
Why Securing Communication and Data can be Daunting

Explaining why security online requires experience and a different mindset from traditionally thought coding techniques.

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Americans! Your ISPs are Lying about DNS over HTTPS, And This is Why!
What is DoH (DNS over HTTPS) and Why Do ISPs Hate it?

Learn why ISPs and Countries hate DNS over HTTPS and what all the fuss is all about!

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How does a Microphone work?
An explanation into how dynamic microphones work

Explanation on the process a dynamic microphone uses to convert the wave vibrations of sound, using transducer technology, to translate the sound into an electrical signal that can stored or transmitted elsewhere.

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How Do I Use a Green Screen with OBS Studio?
Chroma Green Screens and OBS Studio Filters

Tutorial for OBS Studio, the Chroma Key Effects Filter and how light, gain, exposure, brightness and contrast relate to each other.

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