How Do I Use a Green Screen with OBS Studio?

Chroma Green Screens and OBS Studio Filters

Tutorial for OBS Studio, the Chroma Key Effects Filter and how light, gain, exposure, brightness and contrast relate to each other.

Episode #10-11 released on October 20, 2019

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This tutorial is perfect for anyone who runs a podcast, YouTube channel or live stream. To achieve the desired effect, you will need two or more lights, a green screen and a web cam. The entire ordeal may cost $200 or more but is well worth it if you seek to have flexibility or to be fully integrated into the content in the video.

The first part of this tutorial requires you have OBS Studio version 24.0 of higher installed. You can obtain it for free at

The second part is understanding how to light yourself up. A green screen needs to be light up completely and evenly. It can be done with a minimum of two lights, more lights are better. You, also, need to be lit up, as well. This makes it easier for the webcam to function. The more light, the better the image sensor is lit and the more frames per second can be generated. Webcams do have an upper limit on framerate though, so keep that in mind. Consider disabling the audio from the webcam to allow for more video bandwidth to, also, allow for the webcam framerate to be higher.

The third part, open OBS Studio, go to sources, and click on the plus sign. Select Video Capture Device, then select the correct device, if not already selected and click ok. Once it is present, select the video capture device, and right click, select filters. On the bottom left you have Effects Filters. Click the plus sign and select Chroma Key. The key color type should be green for a green screen. This is where lighting becomes important. You will want the control for your webcam open as well. You need to adjust the lighting, contrast, brightness, gamma, gain, and similarity, smoothness and key color spill reduction. I just want to provide a note of caution, it won't be perfect. Especially if there are any creases in the green screen, it must be absolutely flat and lit evenly. Do your best and if there are any small imperfections, don't worry too much about it. You can, with patience and some work, refine everything out. The best solutions include high quality cameras, good lighting and green screens that have no creases.

Some extra details to consider. If you are working with a green screen, anything green risks disappearing as well. That includes jewelry, hair colored green, accessories, clothing, etc. Dress accordingly. Otherwise, opt for Chroma Blue or Chroma Magenta options if you don't use those colors. These instructions can be adapted for any chroma color chosen.

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