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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 10

Hey PCMR! Hardware Engineers Got Your Back!
Graphics Cards and CPU Temperature Safe Limits

I discuss the worries of PCMR, safe thermal limits and how engineers got all of us covered.

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The Age of the Everyday Stalker Has Come and It's You!
How Social Media Made Us Trained Stalkers

Listen to a rant about how we all became stalkers so gradually that no one noticed our privacy is gone.

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Did your browser just break?
Diagnose and Solve Browser Issues

Understand what needs to be done to diagnose your particular browser issue and how to fix it.

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Is Water Cooling Worth It?
Are Water Coolers worth the cost difference?

Learn about the different kinds of cooling for processors and graphics cards and why water cooling isn't necessary.

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Can opening an Email get you infected?
What components of an email can lead to infection and why!

An explanation into the process of infecting a computer if you open an email or components of an email and why.

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