Can opening an Email get you infected?

What components of an email can lead to infection and why!

An explanation into the process of infecting a computer if you open an email or components of an email and why.

Episode #10-26 released on February 9, 2020

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This very question was asked on Reddit’s tech support subreddit, and I shall be answering the question, so you all understand why it is definitely possible.

Most emails that used to be sent were text only. The grand majority of individuals on send text only emails. On occasion though, you start having all kinds of multimedia included. If the multimedia is composed of code, or files like JPEGs and PNGs, then you can be infected, although cases of this are rare, even online. To avoid issues, you can disable preloading of images in your favourite email client.

The majority of infections obtained by email are related to one specific issue, attachments. Most emails with virally loaded attachments come from two possible sources which include a spearfishing email designed to convince you to open the attachment. The other method can usually be traced back to an infected computer from a friend, family, co-workers, etc.

Now, while it is generally accepted that a file needs to be launched in order to infect you, keep in mind, that caution should be taken before opening any files when you come to scan the file for a virus or malware. Once you saved the file to the computer, right click the file in the Windows File Explorer and Scan the File for viruses. If the file is infected, the antivirus will present you with options, the best option is the destroy the file. Now, ultimately though, best practice is to never open attachments or save them to your drive unless you specifically were waiting for the file, and when you get files you were waiting for, scan the file for viruses just to be safe.

And, this includes any emails about job promotions, pay raises, etc. as those are the kinds of email subjects used in spearfishing attacks that can bring down a computer or an entire business, school, city, hospital, etc.

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