Is Water Cooling Worth It?

Are Water Coolers worth the cost difference?

Learn about the different kinds of cooling for processors and graphics cards and why water cooling isn't necessary.

Episode #10-27 released on February 16, 2020

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If you have a computer of any kind, there will be some kind of cooling solution. The cooling solution can range from basic heatsinks, to fans with heatsinks, to models with heat pipes and water cooling can, also, be an option.

Fan coolers are the most common method of cooling used in computers and for good reason. The reasons include reliability, simplicity of installation, easier to maintain, etc. Just about anyone can install an OEM fan cooler or better aftermarket fan cooler, even if they do have heat pipes. Applying thermal paste is, also, very forgiving and special techniques do not change very much, provided you only cover the CPU and none of the thermal paste makes it inside the socket.

Water cooling comes in three flavors, AIO, soft tubing and hard tubing. AIO water cooling can be used to cool CPU. Some graphics cards come with an AIO water cooler, as well. These require some knowledge for installation, but anyone who can follow instructions and has a computer chassis that has the space for the installation of the cooler, will be able to install it.

When making your own water-cooling solution from parts, whether it is soft or hard tubing, you need to have a better understanding of what can go wrong, how to clean and maintain the radiators, etc.

Now, some of the issues with water-cooling include the fact that they can leak, radiators are notoriously fragile, they can be hard to position, you need a computer chassis big enough to allow for water-coolers, installation can be complicated for some, even with AIO solutions, etc. While, it is true that shipping a computer with a water cooler is safer than shipping one with a large aftermarket air cooler, the air cooler can be removed, and reinstalled by virtually anyone.

And, there isnít much of a cooling advantage between air coolers and water coolers, a few degrees arenít going to brick your CPU any faster. And, water coolers dump all the hot air into the room, require more time to cool down than air coolers. Air coolers can, also, cost a fraction of the price of water cooling, and newer models can be just as pretty as water cooling setups.

Basically, what I am saying is this, get the water cooler if you want, just donít be under the imprecise notion that they are better for your computer in the short or long run. And, I am saying this while all my computers have water cooling, why? So, they are easier to move, not because it is any better than a fan cooler.

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