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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 10

Users Won't Need Passwords If We Make Websites Like This!
Your Password Choices Are Still Dangerously Easy To Guess

My project for 2020 is to create a password-free login that removes all the hard work of creating a secure password from the user.

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Don't Click On The Link Or Open That Attachment!
Avoid Phishing Scams These Holidays

One last episode for 2019 and it is all about phishing scams, links, attachments and how you should be updating your kid's consoles, not clicking on those links.

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How Phishers Got Your Password to Blackmail You!
How Script Kiddies Got Your Password and Email Address

Many viewers have received emails blackmailing them with old or current passwords, I explain how they got it, and what to do now!

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The Nightmare that is my Raid 1 Configured Work PC
My Rant about how Raid 1 Is Not a Backup!

My work pc is setup to be a nightmare, this is why RAID 1 is not a backup and why that computer needs to be changed.

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How-to Use Tampermonkey to Delete Every Saved Post on Reddit
The easy process required to eliminate your saved posts on Reddit

Learn the process of eliminating your saved posts on Reddit, using a browser extension called Tampermonkey and a bit of code.

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