500th Episode - Three Stories From A Computer Store

Three Times I Either Laughed or Was Disgusted

I tell three real stories that happened at the computer store I used to work at.

Episode #10-50 released on August 2, 2020

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I used to work in a computer store, and the number of things that happened to clients' computers before we got them is mind blowing. I will be limiting it to 3 different times I either laughed or was disgusted.

The first person we are talking about is a mother who is bringing in her son's computer. Normal procedure was to take a short explanation of what needed to be done according to the client, and sometimes we would take a down payment of the procedure. If a virus were the cost, we would even offer antivirus products. In this case, the woman brought the computer in and stated that her son was hacked by a man in the Ivory Coast and that a huge load of adult content was deposited into her son's computer. Obviously, at this point I stopped the woman in her tracks and said to stop lying and next time to just say, computer is infected. What can you take as a lesson from that story, we obviously know when you are lying.

The second person is a husband who touched his wife's work computer. While, his wife was out, he decided to use his wife's computer and something catastrophic occurred rendering the computer inoperable. Likely a bad power supply, age of computer, etc. I never did see that computer. In his case, he needed a computer and he needed it the same day. In the case of most computer stores, there are a number of available pre-built computers, but the only available computer that would achieve his wives expected workload was the gaming computer which needed a Windows operating system installed. The computer was sold with a surcharge because this computer would be put to the beginning of the line of computers. Normally, we go first come, first serve, unless you are willing to pay. And, because he needed the computer the same day, I only had time to install Windows, test everything worked and deliver it. I did not have the time to install all the Updates, as that can take hours of time we did not have. What can you learn from this scenario, do not touch computers that are not yours, get a better power supply, or possibly, use a UPS not a surge bar.

The third computer was brought in by an oblivious mother of a teenager. The computer had a virus, but that was not the problem. I did not take the computer in, but it obviously sat on the floor on a teenage boy's bedroom. The front grill, bottom of the internal chassis and some components were covered in a dried, crusty form of a liquid only good for making new life. In this case, the computer store technician called the mother back, required the computer be transferred to a new, clean chassis and stated that failing that, the computer would be returned due to its unsanitary state. The only thing you should learn from that is this, keep your computer clean and away from bodily fluids. And obviously, never leave a computer in a teenager's room, we all know what they are going to do with it.

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