Can I have two routers in the same network?

Do you need two routers, or does a network switch work, too?

Learn how to extend your network using either a second router or a network switch.

Episode #10-40 released on May 17, 2020

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This is a question by Redditor u/Juanifogo that I saw on Reddit and thought it was an interesting simple topic for me to talk about.

The world of gadgets and devices is moving to more and more wireless devices, we however, have many devices that simply work better when plugged in. Whether you have a cable company supplied router modem combo or a router you purchased yourself, you might have noticed that there are only 4 available network connections. The question is, what do you do to have more available ethernet connections. Do you buy a second router or a network switch?

The answer is simple, you can either one of them. However, a router being used as a network switch is harder to setup and more expensive. A Network switch is easier to setup and less expensive with the possibility of even more available ports.

So, how do you decide which option is better for you?

You need to answer an awfully specific question to know which option is better. Do you need the connections to all be wired, do you need more than 4 ethernet connections and are some of the connections needed wireless?

If you need a wireless connection further in your home, you can use a router. It might be a good idea to change the local IP addresses to avoid issues, so if your main router uses IP addresses like, you might want the second router to have addresses like Changing the 1 to a 2 to avoid issues. This is done under the LAN section of routers, specifically for the router address and DHCP IP pool.

If you do not need wireless and need more than 4 connections, a switch is less expensive but can have many more connections. There are no configurations required to make a switch work, all of that is handled by the router itself.

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