Should You Block Your Camera on Your Phone and Computer?

Learn why placing tape over your cameras might be a good idea

An explanation into issues with software, hardware and why placing tape or covering cameras on computers and mobile devices may be a good idea.

Episode #10-38 released on May 3, 2020

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L4TrueLaw on YouTube asked me to answer the question on whether people should or should not tape their laptop or phone cams.

The question requires we understand an underlying fact of life, all code is flawed, if not by the programmer then the language itself. This is why programming languages have versions and evolve over time, just like the way we program applications and tools changes with time. This is in response to flaws that can be exploited by governments and malicious groups.

To combat many of the issues related to programming languages and flaws, we have introduced permissions into operating systems, however these, too, have flaws and have result in code being able to hijack the process through privilege escalation.

Another issue is hardware, the way we make hardware function, or function faster has resulted in some security flaws that have to be addressed on the hardware and software level, and in some cases, it is impossible to patch, too.

Now, we all know that code can be used maliciously exploiting vulnerabilities and flaws, we often refer to this as being viruses and malware. It can be crudely developed, or well implemented depending on the knowledge of the code and flaws, time allotted for exploitation and even manpower provided to code such exploits. Many governments have tools they use to spy on suspected criminals and unwitting innocents. This tools do eventually fall into the hands of malicious groups, too.

That being all stated, should you cover the cameras of your computers, phones, and other devices?

Let us off by explaining a fact, your computer or device needs to be compromised for this to work, but unknown code would not be detected, and some malware is designed to avoid detection. Basically, it is safer to assume your device is infected than to go on your day believing it is clean. Blocking the cameras with tape would prevent anyone from capturing video of you throughout the day.

Now, video is one thing, what about audio, how do you deal with that. We cannot block them from capturing audio, or can we? That is a question for another episode of TQA Weekly.

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