Your Internet Connection is Fast, But Web-sites load slowly, why?

How a slow endpoint can slow every website down

Learn why a fast internet connection still has to contend with slow responding websites

Episode #10-37 released on April 26, 2020

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You probably noticed some websites and online services are slower than expected. It is entirely possible that you have tested your Internet speed and it is working fine. However, you cannot for the life of you figure out why some websites are slower than others. Well you are about to learn why.

Let us start off by talking about your connection to the ISP. The bandwidth and speed you are allotted by the ISP is only guaranteed between you and the ISP's servers. That is to mean that you will or should always get that speed whenever accessing services and web-sites powered by your ISP directly.

Servers, also, have to contend with an ISP, and like your own, their speed is only guaranteed between them and their ISP itself.

Between your ISP and the server exist server nodes often referred to as endpoints, but these are basically server hops on the Internet. You can expect servers that are exceedingly far away to have multiple nodes between the server and your ISP. Each of these nodes, also, have a relationship with an ISP, if they are not already an ISP.

Now, let us put this all together, the reason you get the speed you get from a web-site, is not related to you and your ISP. The reason you get the speed from the website you are visiting is related to each individual part in the connection consisting of the client computer, server computer, each individual node in the chain and of course the connection speeds that each part can provide by connection. This is to mean, that in the entire chain, the lowest connection is going cause the entire connection to communicate at that speed, and no higher.

And, that does not include the possibility of network congestion, performance of the server computers themselves, and ultimately, how your ISP handles outside traffic.

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