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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 6

Device Ecosystem and Fanboyism
Why Android has nothing to do with broken screens

Steve Smith talks about the mobile device ecosystem, fanboyism, and why Android can't save your screen in a fall.

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Banning Weak Passwords
Your Weak Password the Cause of Future Hacks

Steve Smith talks about weak passwords, current actions companies are taking, and how your weak passwords lead to future hacks and accounts being compromised.

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Saying No to Windows 10
Prevent Windows 10 Upgrading Once and for All

Steve Smith makes a supposedly dangerous suggestion to preventing Windows 10 from upgrading, but maybe it is worth it, considering you don't want to upgrade.

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The History of YouTube
How YouTube Started

Steve Smith finally talks about the history of YouTube, are you happy?

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Privacy Online is a Myth
Why that privacy program installed in your computer, does nothing to protect your privacy.

Steve Smith talks about the way the Internet works, and how it defeats privacy in a way ignored by most Netizens.

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