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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 6

Hacktivism: The New Age of Protests
The Evolution of the Protestor, From The Street to the Internet

Steve Smith talks about Hacktivism, you will either like it, or hate it, but after you listen to me, and see all my sources, and the videos, I hope you understand why it is necessary.

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Someone is reading your emails
Your E-mail and Password is Probably Compromised

Steve Smith talks about how someone is probably reading your emails, right now, and explains how you can reduce the risk of this, identity fraud, and other risks at the same time.

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Microsoft Locks Cortana to Edge and Bing
No more optional browsers and search engines for Cortana

Steve Smith talks about why a company would lock their product to applications on their own platform.

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Over-powered Power Supply
When total wattage means less than being efficient

Steve Smith talks about power supply wattage, and misconceptions carried from past experience.

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Game Industry and SLI Issues
How-to fix The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt SLI issues

Steve Smith talks about SLI, the game industry, and the lack of respect from game publishers towards the PC gamer, and higher end gaming rigs.

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