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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 6

Bash in Windows
How to get Ubuntu Installed in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Steve Smith explains the process of getting the Ubuntu installed in Windows 10.

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Laptop Gaming Support
Why don't game developers support mobile laptop graphics cards?

Steve Smith explains why laptop gaming doesn't seem to be supported by manufactures, and what it actually means for you, the laptop gamer.

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Microsoft Just Fucked UEFI Secure Boot
Microsoft patches lead to gaping security hole in UEFI enabled portable devices.

Steve Smith talks about the gaping hole Microsoft just accidentally introduced in portable UEFI Secure Boot enabled devices.

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20-Year-Old Bug Can Lead to Remote Hacking
Microsoft's 20-Year-Old Bug That Was Never Fixed

Steve Smith explains how to mitigate the risks of a 20-Year-Old bug never fixed by Microsoft.

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Hide and Seek Geocaching
How Pokémon Go works with GPS

Steve Smith answers regular contributors question on how Pokémon Go uses GPS, but more accurately explaining why it doesn't just use generic GPS, but sensors that are so much better.

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