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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 6

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality from Smart Phones to Heads Up Displays

Steve Smith talks about how Pokémon works, and how Microsoft's HoloLens could have potentially made the game better.

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Warrants and Data Storage Locations
Just how far can a warrant reach?

Steve Smith talks about just how far warrants can reach, and what some Government Agencies will do to push their limits.

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Better Way of Asking for Computer Help
Proper Data Collection for Diagnostic Solution Requests

Steve Smith talks about a common issue when answering emails for technical issues, the lack of proper data collection for diagnostic solution requests. This is what you should do before asking for help.

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Apple's Way of Blocking Live Event Recordings
Apple's New Patent, which can prevent you from taking pictures or videos of live events.

Steve Smith talks about Apple's new patent that would allow concert halls, theaters, artists, etc. the ability to prevent you from recording the show.

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Why has Linux not been adopted?
An explanation into why Linux is a third rate citizen behind Windows and Mac

Steve Smith talks about why Linux has yet to be as popular and as universal as Windows and Mac.

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