Apple's Way of Blocking Live Event Recordings

Apple's New Patent, which can prevent you from taking pictures or videos of live events.

Steve Smith talks about Apple's new patent that would allow concert halls, theaters, artists, etc. the ability to prevent you from recording the show.

Episode #6-42 released on July 3, 2016

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Apple iPhone Patent just released will allow for third parties to prevent you from recording live shows. The question here is how it is to be done, and is it bad?

Well, as for the how it is going to be achieved, a series of infrared lights will be directionally pointed out from the stages so only the stage is not recorded, or the video will contain a watermark, which will probably mean you will keep the videos for personal stuff. You'll be able to take video and photo selfies in any other direction. Since it is only a light source preventing you via software to do so. This is not the same thing as police turning off cellular signals for riot causes. Since the rest of your iPhone will work as intended, is it really that bad?

Now, we can determine that the concert goers don't usually intend to record and publish for others to watch the convert, especially in shows that have photography and filming bans. This doesn't mean there aren't a few that won't try. Because these artists don't want this occur, the fact of recording and freely sharing the content is considered piracy, according to the law in most places. The infrared method, according to personal opinion is far less annoying than getting your phone locked in a lockable pouch.

Now, I'd like to iterate one thing though. This patent was going to happen, one way or another. If it wasn't Apple, it was going to be someone else. It is just a logical step. We can presume that either they wanted to make this patent and prevent other companies from blocking access to your phones, or they made this technology so we can continue to use our phones in a manner we presume fit. Like Snapchatting from a concert with our friends. Other methods make these kinds of life documentaries that we are used to, impossible. How would one record our life, without our phones, or with our phone in a locked pouch?

I guess what I am saying is this, it will help artists prevent the free sharing of an experience, at least those bad apples that record whole shows to publish online, while allowing others to record the emotional state as well as remember the times they have with their friends. And we all know, time is precious. This is merely the least nefarious means of keeping us from recording shows, or just forcing a watermark on the video.

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