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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 6

What is the origin of gigabit lan?
What makes 1000Mbit/s LAN faster

Steve Smith explains why there is a 10-fold increase in speed from 10Mbit/s, to 100Mbit/s, then 1000BMit/s Ethernet.

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How-to choose an operating system
Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, or Unix?

Steve Smith talks about how to choose your next computer's operating system.

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How does a router or switch direct a packet?
How does a router and switch know which device requested what?

Steve Smith talks about how a router and switch sends data to the right device.

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Why does Windows install to the C Drive?
From OS/2, to MS-DOS, then to Windows, and yet, C Drive is default

Steve Smith explains how the C Drive became the default installation place for Windows, and many applications.

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3-way SLi with Only 16 PCIe Lanes?
How to extend the number of PCIe lanes available from your CPU using PLX

Steve Smith talks about PLX, a technology that extends the number of usable PCIe lanes.

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