How-to choose an operating system

Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, or Unix?

Steve Smith talks about how to choose your next computer's operating system.

Episode #6-09 released on November 1, 2015

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Whether you are interested in buying a new computer, or having one made, you do have to know what operating system fits your needs. This is because some platforms are computer specific, like Macs.

What are your needs? This is the question you should be asking yourself, and any other person who this computer is intended for. Needs may include compatibility with existing devices, office work, access to email and the Internet, gaming, 3D modeling, computational tasks, etc.

What software do you need to use? And, what are the system requirements for each of the applications? For the most part, each task may require a specific platform, when choosing your platform, look at all your software needs first, look up all the platforms they support before using which operating system you will have installed in your computer.

Are you a gamer? Like software, look at the system requirements and supported operating systems. Nothing worse than choosing an unsupported operating system for your games.

Current hardware support may be an issue if you intend to keep existing hardware. If you wish to keep any existing hardware that is not the optical drive, hard drive, power supply, etc. You will have to confirm with the manufacture's web-site for drivers, and which platforms those drivers are supported by.

If you looking for an easier decision, most people use Windows when they buy or build their own computers because the majority of software, hardware, and games work on the Windows Platform.

If you are considering buying a Mac, keep in mind, that you are paying for a readymade system with little to no upgrade path in hardware.

You may, also, upgrade to Linux, Unix or BSD solutions, but you must make sure that your software, hardware, games, etc. all work under the chosen platform.

Just a note, most programs, games, and hardware work under the Windows environment, so if you just need someone to tell you what works best for most situations, Windows usually does. Make sure to install an antivirus while you are at it.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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