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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 6

The War on Advertisements and Ad Blockers
Birth, Rise and War of Advertisements and Software Designed to Block Them

Steve Smith talks about Ad Block software, how it came to be, and why there is currently a war only between advertisement companies and advertisement blocker developers.

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Your FPS and Utility Frequencies
Power Utility Frequencies led the way to frames per second

Steve Smith talks about how NTSC and PAL got their frames per second, and how it relates in part to gaming.

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iOS9 - 5 New Useful Features
Features useful for iPhones and iPads

Steve Smith talks about features useful to both iPhones and iPads made available with iOS9.

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Z170 versus X99-3
Intel's DDR4 Consumer Platform versus Enthusiast Platform

Steve Smith talks about which DDR4 platform is right for your needs.

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Sock Puppet Networking
The World of Dangerous Predators Online

Steve Smith talks about predators online, and talks about tricks to detect sock puppet accounts, and protect yourself from dangerous predators, too.

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