Device Ecosystem and Fanboyism

Why Android has nothing to do with broken screens

Steve Smith talks about the mobile device ecosystem, fanboyism, and why Android can't save your screen in a fall.

Episode #6-40 released on June 21, 2016

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What is the single most annoying part of the mobile device ecosystem? Fanboyism.

Let me explain this to you, so you understand. Every device ecosystem has their place. Whether you are into Android, iOS, Blackberry or Microsoft. Every operating system on mobile devices, like their desktop counterparts, has many strengths and weaknesses, and this will affect your choice of device.

Most high end devices cost roughly the same price, too, regardless of ecosystem, in a subtle but blaringly obvious fact that there is a limit to what a person is willing to pay for a device.

All devices have cameras, and like stand-alone cameras, they are either good, or bad. Maybe the software itself used for the camera is bad, too.

Each device can play games, music and movies, but the implementation of a singular easy method of archiving all the media together, and downloading to your device may be different.

Then there is security of each device. Whether in how they allow for device encryption, pin codes, passwords, finger print sensors, operating system updates, etc. and usually these come out to about even on better devices.

Now, we can accept all those facts, all devices have pretty much the same feature sets, what really drives me up the wall, is how people relate operating system to something like durability. Fanboys, and Fangirls may say that if an Apple user had an Android their screen would have not cracked on impact. Somehow, that logic seems faulty. The screen cracked, because it fell, not because it had iOS. Many devices have the same glass as the iPhones, and iPads, and they break on impact due to many factors like device construction, size of glass screen, type of impact, height of fall, material of ground dropped on, etc. If you drop you phone, or tablet on a ceramic surface, and it breaks, do not be surprised. And, if you drop your phone from a building, the Android OS will not save it.

If we are to be frank about the entire situation of operating systems, let us start with a few facts. iOS devices are by far, better supported by Apple, then the entirety of Android. Other manufactures, also, push out more updates to their devices by percentage than Android does.

If you are looking for device security, ease of use, multimedia support, prompt update acquisition, etc. Apple's iOS is your bet.

If you like a phone that you can tweak to your heart's content, that you can skin with any app you want, that you root, etc. then Android is your bet. I'd suggest going with manufactures who offer updates for your devices at release, as some devices do become insecure without updates, a big issue for Android.

If you need a via business phone, with many features tailor to business, as well as, access to Android applications, pick Blackberry.

And if you are looking for a seamless experience between your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, then Microsoft is your bet.

But, under no condition is a platform that is awesome for you, best for someone else. And, if people would just play with each of the operating systems before buying into an ecosystem, you'd probably be happier in the end.

And for those wondering, which side of the fence I sit on. I have an iPhone, I use a Nexus Tablet, and enjoy my NVidia Shield Portable. And, my reason for an iPhone is easy, music, and personal security. I live in a Country, Canada, where cops can apparently try downloading the contents of phones without a warrant using special machines, but they can't handle iPhones after Apple made encryption of the content standard. Hence, all my own personal information becomes inaccessible, the way it should be. And, if at any point some officer attempts to acquire the contents, he will be promptly notified that under no condition will he acquire it from my phone, whether with a warrant, or threats of legal action. Think of me using an iPhone as a statement and another way of telling spying governments off.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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