Saying No to Windows 10

Prevent Windows 10 Upgrading Once and for All

Steve Smith makes a supposedly dangerous suggestion to preventing Windows 10 from upgrading, but maybe it is worth it, considering you don't want to upgrade.

Episode #6-38 released on June 5, 2016

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Your running Windows 7, or 8, and Microsoft really wants you to upgrade, but you don't want to, or your hardware is not supported, is there an option to get Microsoft to stop bothering you?

Considering Microsoft has gone out of its way to remove the option to close the Window, and even reschedule, this basically means Microsoft is trying really hard to push you to Windows 10. And, the general consensus is they are trying to trick yours in upgrading, making a lot of machines crash in the process.

Now, the typical solution is to deactivate the specific updates that Microsoft pushes to try to do this, and for the most part that eliminates it, temporarily. Microsoft will surely unhide, or rename the update to annoy you in the future. And, this is only June. Imagine in July. Then there are a bunch of different software solutions that are available made specifically for this, because Microsoft doesn't listen to its user base. They want you to upgrade.

Which means you now have to become a security expert, and read more. Because the option being most talked about amongst the security non-savvy is turning off Windows Update.

Now, let's look at why this is a bad idea, and somehow a good idea if you wish to put the effort in. Windows 10 is based on the premise that people are dangerous, and that because we have been given the choice to ignore updates all this time, and we have made the Internet dangerous, which is true. Thus, updates in Windows 10 are required and shoved down our throats.

However, if you are not using Windows 10, you can still turn off updates to your computer, or make the installations manual. Is this a good idea, no. But, if someone keeps pointing a gun at your head, no matter how many times you take away the gun, eventually you have to get rid of the ammunition to make sure the gun does not work. This is what turning off Windows Update, or making installations manual comes out to. You are essentially removing the ammunition Microsoft has on you and preventing your computer from being upgraded to an operating system you do not want, and frankly, unless you just bought your computer recently explicitly to upgrade to Windows 10, you probably do not want Windows 10 if you did not install it already.

Now, while I do suggest placing Windows Update in manual mode until the beginning of August, I do so with a few tips. One, make sure you manually search the Internet for the definition of each individual update. This will be a little annoying, but since updates are primarily meant to protect our systems, doing this will allow you to pick updates to install, and prevent installing the Windows 10 nagware.

Another option is to install programs like Never10. However, it is an arms race, so while that program should keep Microsoft from downloading automatically currently, that may change with other updates. So keeping updates to manual, instead of automatic or off, is your best bet. Just make sure to maintain the same level of security as usual. Don't open attachments in emails, regardless of who it came from, don't download from, or go to, strange unknown sites. Keep your antivirus and antispyware software up to date, and make sure, in addition to all else, to keep an eye daily on possible updates, just in case.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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