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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 13

What is a PSU Rail And What Are They For?
Your Power Supply, What It Does To Supply Your Computer Power

Learn what a PSU rail is and what it provides to your computer.

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How to Shut Down USB Hubs Automatically?
Is it possible to close a USB hub when the computer shuts down?

Learn the process required to turn off USB hubs automatically when you shut down your computer.

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Is Software Tracking Your Kids Ethical?
The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before

Should you be tracking your kids online and is it ethical?

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How Improved Is Windows Defender For Your PC Security?
Microsoft Has Definitely Improved on Windows Defender

Learn about Windows Defender and the improvements in your PC security and what it means for every other Antivirus out there.

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Why do Bluetooth Devices Have Problems in Crowded Areas?
How Bluetooth Has The Same Issues as CD Players

Learn how Bluetooth signal issues may have similar resolution to CD Players back in the day.

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