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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 13

What Happens After A File is Deleted?
Deleted Files Are Like Private Numbers

Learn what happens after a file is deleted and why you need to recover it immediately.

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Do Virtual Memory Issues Affect Graphics Cards?
Graphics Cards Use RAM, Not Virtual Memory

Learn why Applications Blaming Virtual Memory For Graphics Cards Issues are likely incorrect

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Why Does A Nearly Full Phone Battery Just Die?
Every Battery Will Fail

Learn why this scenario is not unique, but inevitable for everyone, one day!

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Why is My Internet Intermittent, Slow or Disconnected?
Fixing Your Network At Home

Learn why you may have issues with the Internet in your home or office.

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Does Your Game Console Need a UPS?
Your Console Deserves To Be Protected, Too!

Learn why UPS devices are great for consoles, not just your computers.

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