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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 12

Should Microsoft Require SSDs as Boot Drives?
Microsoft Focusing on End User Experience

Learn how even older and slower computers benefit from the use of SSD drives

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What Should You Choose, Data Speed Versus Security?
RAID, For Speed or Data Security

Interested In Data Access Speed Increases or Data Security, learn how RAID 0 or Raid 1 can be that option.

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How-to Get Rid of Prying Eyes
Learn the process of securing your life

Learn the steps to blocking access to your accounts and devices from other prying eyes.

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Possible Future E-Mail Malware Issues
Can you infect a computer without opening an E-mail?

I talk about a theory that just having the e-mail attachment or code in your computer could pose a risk if any unknown code flaws are ever exploited in old, current, or future code and programs.

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Installed RAM In Your Computer, What Is Next?
The real reason why your RAM is slower than advertised!

Learn about an extra step most end users forget when installing RAM.

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