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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 12

Does Thermal Paste Affecting Gaming?
How Thermal Paste Solves Heat Transfer Issues

Learn why thermal paste is important to your next gaming session.

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What Can Happen If You Remove The CMOS Battery?
Do Not Remove Your CMOS Battery

Learn why the CMOS battery is so important to your computer.

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How Vulnerable Is Two-Factor Authentication?
How Technology And End Users Render 2FA Weak

Learn why you as an End User and Technology render 2FA weaker by favoring convenience over security

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Your Operating System Cannot Tell A Human or Robot Apart
Not every keyboard, is actually a keyboard

Learn how the HID poses a security risk to all operating systems.

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Eco-Friendly Computer After-Life
Functioning Computer Being Replaced, What Can I Do With It?

Learn about the many ways you can repurpose your old computer instead of putting it into the trash.

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