Does Thermal Paste Affecting Gaming?

How Thermal Paste Solves Heat Transfer Issues

Learn why thermal paste is important to your next gaming session.

Episode #12-05 released on September 24, 2021

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This question is one that has plagued my channel repeatedly, despite answering the importance of thermal paste repeatedly. I am going to explain why thermal paste is important and how it affects your gaming.

The reason why thermal paste is even required for all computers and laptops comes down to simple thermal dynamics and physics. Air itself is a very poor conductor and as such, is an amazing insulter. It is, also, not possible to create a completely flat thermally conductive surface will remaining price effective for every end user. As a result of an uneven surface, air would be trapped between the heatsink and processor and act as a thermal insulter and prevent efficient thermal conduction.

Continuing with physics, processors and all computer hardware works better within certain thermal tolerances. If processors are too cold, they do not function properly or at all. But, if the processor is too hot, it can cease functioning permanently. The thermal max is usually about 100 degrees Celsius, and the closer you get to that temperature, the slower the computer will get. This slowing down is called thermal throttling.

Thermal throttling slows the computer down, and this means everything running in the operating system slows down, including your video games. If your video game slows down too much you will definitely notice the frame rate dropping and everything else in game lagging. If this game is online, you may lag so much the game becomes unplayable or risk being disconnected. If the heat passes the thermal limit, your computer may shutdown, or just fry. If your computer shuts down and you continue to push your computer, you will damage the processor. That being said, you can damage your computer the first time you pass the thermal limit, there is a reason why it is called a thermal limit.

Understanding that thermal paste allows for more efficient thermal transfer, which helps keep processors cooler therefore preventing thermal throttling due to excessive heat build-up, we can easily conclude, thermal paste usage does affect gaming.

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