How Vulnerable Is Two-Factor Authentication?

How Technology And End Users Render 2FA Weak

Learn why you as an End User and Technology render 2FA weaker by favoring convenience over security

Episode #12-03 released on September 7, 2021

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2FA, short for two factor authentication, is considered an extra layer of security that can be used to secure your online and local accounts. Conventionally speaking, an account that does not have 2FA protection is considered insecure, but merely having 2FA enabled does not make it safer. Technology and the End User can weaken this security significantly.

How does the End User make 2FA security vulnerable?

There are several ways you, as an End User, can render the 2FA vulnerable, starting with simple things like device security for your smartphone and choice of 2FA application or method. A smartphone that uses a strong password for security is safer than using a 4-digit pin.

The 2FA method chosen can, also, have an impact on security. Generally speaking, you want to use an application on your smartphone that has a password lock, on a secured smartphone. If you use an application that can easily accessed, or worse, use 2FA or email authentication, when an application method is available, you can weaken the security to the point that a man in the middle attack is possible.

How does technology weaken 2FA security?

Any form of 2FA that operates by sending a unique code to the user has the potential of being intercepted, whether it is sent by email or by text message. Even a phone call can be intercepted. The very fact that encryption and network security has not been enforced in a way to secure calls, texts and emails means that man in the middle attacks will continue to be a problem until that is implemented and enforced, to the dismay of Governments and law enforcement.

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