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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 12

How-to Get Your Own Website Online
Getting Your Website Built for Yourself or Your Business

Interested in having your own website? There are 3 routes you can go through, but the end results will differ largely.

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Are Single Sign-In Services Dangerous?
Staying Safe With Single Sign-In

Learn what you need to do to stay safe with Single Sign-In Services

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Contactless Payment Does Not Always Work, But Why?
Reasons Why Contactless Payments Fail

Learn why your contactless payment method does not always work at payment terminals.

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Can You Get Infected By An Attachment In Gmail?
Detecting Viruses Is Not 100% Perfect

Learn about common types of viral scans used to detect computer viruses

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What Are Three Of My Favourite Discord Features?
Learn About Safe Direct Messaging, Streamer Mode and Announcement Channels

Learn about some of my favourite features in Discord and how they can improve your experience, too.

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