What Are Three Of My Favourite Discord Features?

Learn About Safe Direct Messaging, Streamer Mode and Announcement Channels

Learn about some of my favourite features in Discord and how they can improve your experience, too.

Episode #12-11 released on November 5, 2021

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Discord is one of my favourite social media platforms. Besides the fact that I have no advertisements and have the option of a more feature rich version, I get to pick who I talk to, what kind of content I can receive and, like other platforms, follow others, too. Today, I shall be talking about three of my favourite features in Discord.

Under Privacy and Safety, we have safe direct messages, which allows me to allow or black content of explicit nature. You can adjust it to keep me safe, my friends are nice, and do not scan. I frankly never use the do not scan option. I typically leave it in the Keep me safe option. I, also, block direct messages from server members, block being added by everyone, etc. We can say this options give me peace of mind.

Streamer mode, an absolutely amazing feature, it definitely avoids a lot of issues when streaming. It hides personal information, invitation links, disables sounds and notifications. This means that I do not get annoyed during streams with information I do not need, and no one can see the information either.

Another very useful feature, that I do use, the announcements channel. If you really like a server and want to post their updates to your server, you definitely can. This has made sharing updates from my various servers easier to my main server. Basically, if you have a bot that auto posts to discord, all you have to do is to click on publish to allow all other subscribed feeds the ability to have that post. It adds value and can be a great way to gain more server members.

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