Eco-Friendly Computer After-Life

Functioning Computer Being Replaced, What Can I Do With It?

Learn about the many ways you can repurpose your old computer instead of putting it into the trash.

Episode #12-01 released on August 24, 2021

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Many of us are going to be replacing computers in the next year or more with newer computers that outperform what we currently have. Many of the computers we are going to be replacing still perform quite well, are fully functional, and still have a lot of life to give.

What can you do with a fully functioning old computer?

If you are part of a family, and you have an extra computer, consider giving it to someone in the family who needs a computer, immediate or extended family. Many people cannot afford to buy a computer, and it would certainly help a few in need. The hundreds or thousands of dollars a computer may cost does impose significant cost of entry in a world continuing to become more and more tethered to the Internet.

Another option is to gift your computer to charity or schools. Many charities and schools can benefit from extra equipment, and in some cases, this can, also, be a tax right off, be sure to talk to an accountant before adding this as a tax right off.

You can repurpose the computer, install a different operating system if you need to, and make it a network attached storage device. You can, also, convert into a multimedia computer to play videos, audio, etc. on your television set. If the computer is fairly recent, it will be plenty capable of acting as a multimedia server.

Another thing you can do with your old computer is sell it or give it away. It is possible to give the entire computer as a whole, or in pieces, and if you really want to sell it whole or in pieces, it is important to be able to proof to buyers that each component still works, so always try to make that possible. There are several markets where you can sell or give away used computers. However, do not forget to completely format the drive and remove all personal data from the computer in question.

Failing all those options, the last thing you can always do, is have the computer recycled, but it should really be a last resort, especially if the computer functions completely. This is because recycling a computer is complicated, and many of the components cannot be recycled at all. Furthermore, many of the components will end up in a land fill where as e-waste, they will poison the environment. If you can avoid this eventuality, even in part, you will be doing your part in protecting the environment and every living being on the face of the Earth.

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